Warszawa, Poland



The Unit for Social Innovation and Research “Shipyard” was created with the aim of critical and reliable description of challenges of social life in Poland and to search for and promote effective, innovative methods of reacting to them, based on the principles of civic participation. It also aspires to be a place of formation and intellectual development of persons from different environments, ready to engage in public affairs in a way going beyond individual interests. The Shipyard wants to be a lively center of discussions on the importance, nature and conditions favorable to development of social innovations, as well as to become one of the initiators and leaders of wider reflection on the essence and methods of civic participation. Its ambition is to create and test solutions for various social challenges that can be launched into real life practice and contribute to meaningful social change.


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+48 228 270 105


Fundacja Pracownia Bada? i Innowacji Spo?ecznych “Stocznia”, Plac Zamkowy 10,00-277, Warszawa, Poland

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